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We specialize in making innovative, fun  "smelly" things... things  where smell is an important part of the message. We publish books from authors that bring meaning and purpose to their story with words, illustration, and scented pages.

We use scented inks and creativity to make the story come alive. Smelly books have stories where you can smell clues about what is taking place. They're fun!  Just touch the clue on each page and sniff to figure out what "smell" are part of the story

Sniff Publishing adds multi-sensory experience of reading.The more senses we use the more real the experience.

It would be a very dull world if you could not smell food cooking, Christmas tree, roses, fresh air, spices, new cars, fruit, flowers, trees, etc...

Sniff Publishing specializes in fun books and gifts. If you have children, dogs or cook you're in the right place! We add scented ink to the books to make the story come alive.

Scent-Sational Scratch and Sniff Books
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Smell has very high retention rate in the learning process
Fragrance is ubiquitous in nature and plays a major role in both helping animals and humans locate food and enticing them to reproduce.

Throughout history, humans have drawn fragrances from the natural environment for a variety of purposes.

Fragrances are used in all aspects of life.
Scents are used in  religious and burial rituals, cooking, shopping, eating, play, entertainment, gardening, and to cover foul odors.

We work with authors every step of the way... from concept, print, design, and creation, to develop and publish your scratch and sniff book.
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