How many redoes of illustrations are included in the basic plan?
One set of illustration is included. It is imperative to have good descriptions for each illustrations. Redo of illustrations is available as an add-on.

How long do the Scratch N Sniff scents last?
Depending on use and application about 2-4 years or more.
Smells like........ What ever you want it  to smell like!

Do you have to scratch hard?

No just lightly touch with your finger and them smell. Unlike old technology where you had to scratch to break the ":varnish" seal... Touch N Smell technology you just touch lightly to release the fragrance.

Are the smells authentic?
Most smells will bring people to agree the scent is pretty real-like.

How do you get the smells in the book?
Sniff Publishing specializing in books with scented inks. These smells are part of the mystery  in the story. Just touch and sniff to figure out what "smell" in the story

We add another dimension to the multi-sensory experience of reading.The more senses we use the more real the reading experience.

Sniff books are fun! Sniff book make great gifts.

Sniff Publishing specializes in mulit-sensory books that bring the
reading experience to the next level.


Why smell is important.

It would be a very dull world if you could not smell food cooking, Christmas tree, roses, fresh air, spices, new cars, fruit, flowers, trees, etc.

Smell has very high retention rate in the learning process. 

Sniff Publishing specializes in fun books and gifts. If you have children, dogs or cook you're in the right place! We add scented ink to the books to make the story come alive.

Sniff books are rhyming catchy fun illustrated stories about everyday events full of surprises. Sniff clues may be in the story line or illustration. it may appear so obvious and yet may not be the obvious..

There is a scratch and sniff clue on each page in this dog gift book. You must solve the "mystery fragrances" Tank Da Terrier encountered on each fun-filled walk
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What  Scents can you create?
Here is a very short list of scents. We can create scents to match your project, book, promotion.If we don't have one that works of of stock scents we will create one.
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