Where on The Farm Am I ?....a series of Scratch and Sniff Multi-Sensory Books with sniff clues about where in the Farm Higgins is traveling. Twelve sniff clues to  the mystery geographic location. Which  is Higgins favorite smell on the farm.?
Fun and Adventure  Book Series
7x9, 32 pages,  $19.95
by Michael Dean

Where in the Farm AM I ...Books are fun and smell great! Can you guess the mystery location by smelling clues?  Each book has clues about different places, locations and things.

Where in the Farm AM I
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You must solve the " location mystery with the smells in the book"
Sniff Around The Farm...  ( fall 2014)
page 8

Farms don't stink, they smell really great
The garden and the animals are just past the gate.

I get on the tractor with a wagon pulling hay...
So many thing I must do as I start my day.

The air is fresh with smells of a farm
Some of them come from the bright read barn

Where in The Farm is Higgins? What is the smell on this page?
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Sniff Around The Farm
A Scratch and Sniff  Educational Travel Book
Sniff Around the Farm
Which City- Which Country A great way to learn
A Multi-sensory experience
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