Scent-Sational Dog Books

My name is... Tank DaTerrier.

I wrote this book dogs of all breeds and all sizes.
It's a great smelly book with lot's of surprises"

Join me in my story as I sniff around the lake
Nothing beats SNIFF.. Make no mistake

When you see my nose, touch it then sniff...
Guess what I smelled that made my nose twitch.

Each illustrated page  has  a Touch N Smell clue.
Touch my nose then  guess the mystery smell as I walked around the lake.

pages:28 story and illustrations
size: 8.5x11
Price: $17.95
Sniff Around the Lake
A Touch N Smell book about ...
a scent-sational day in the life of a dogs nose. 
Touch the my nose and smell all the things I discovered at the lake ?

"The smell of hot dogs...steak and chicken
Float thru the air.. someone is picnickn"
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Book Reviews
The Reviews are in.. What the BIG DOGS say.

"This book rocks my world.... I love every sniff"
BO... President Obama's Family Pet at the White House

"I can't wait for the movie... the books smells great!"
Daisy... Jessica Simpson's Poodle

"This book is worth every scent"
HOOCH... famous movie star

"Simply magnifi-scent"
Dog Daily News....... sister station to CNN-TV

"I almost ate the book...."
Fang...  movie star dog from Harry Potter

"you made my nose twitch... I can't wait for your next book.. Solomon.. Oprah Winfrey's dog
Smelly Mystery Series
Read to your dog.. Ok... everyone else can join the fun too.
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