Where in The World  Am I....a series of Scratch and Sniff Multi-Sensory Books with sniff clues about where in the world Higgins is traveling. Twelve sniff clues to  the mystery geographic location.
Fun and Adventure  Book Series
7x9, 32 pages,  $19.95
by Michael Dean

Where in the World AM I ...Books are fun and smell great! Can you guess the mystery location by smelling clues?  Each book has clues about different places, locations and things.

Where in the World AM I
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You must solve the " location mystery with the smells in the book"
Where in the World Am I...
page 9

I walk by the water...
Where the air smells like salt..
Up ahead is a factory...
That makes chocolate for malts.

The hills are huge.... There are buses on rails
And dogs everywhere.... sniffn out their pee-mail

This town had a fire.. many years ago....
People leave their hearts here..
What that means .. I don't know!

Where in The World is Higgins? What is the smell on this page?
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Where in the World Am I?
A Scratch and Sniff  Educational Travel Book
Sniff Around the World
Which City- Which Country A great way to learn
A Multi-sensory experience
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