Smelly Books are common scents. Some have referred to Sniff Publishing as the "The Doctor Suess" of Scratch and Sniff Books.

You can smell what is going on in the story. If you have dogs or children, love children or dogs, or spoil children or dogs you're in the right place! If you enjoy fun unique books... you are for sure in the right place.

Sniff Dog Books are fun rhyming stories ...with great illustrations... then add "Touch and Sniff" technology.... and you have Sniff Publishing.

The "sniff" is part of the story and you must determine what the fragrances are and how they relate to the story.

Sniff clues may be in the story text, illustration and what you think may be so obvious may not be the obvious scent to solve the mystery.

Sniff books are fun! Sniff book make great gifts.

The scents are real and as you read the story it comes alive with all the real fragrances.

Sniff Publishing is an independent publisher specializing in scratch and sniff books.
The Sniff Dog Book Series

Sniff Around The Lake
Sniff Around The Park

Sniff Around The Yard
Sniff Around The Block
Sniff Around the White House / Obama & Bo
Scratch and Sniff Books are Scent-Sational

Smelly Books make great gifts for adults, children and to your dog they love the smells
"I chase my tail and I love to play ball..
But nothin beats SNIFF-N...nothin at all"

ank DaTerrier./ Sniff around the Lake.
Scent-Sational Dog Books

We don't own a stitch of clothing or piece of furniture that doesn't have dog 'persona' on it. We always carry plastic bags filled with treats in our pockets. And we plan our daily schedules and life in general around our canine friends, Tank DaTerrier and Nieko -who are always eager to remind us when they are always ready to go for walks

Our name tells it all.

We love our four-legged family members, it shouldn't be too surprising that we got our start publishing books about dogs
Meet Tank DaTerrier and see if you can smell what this "sniff-wired terrier" smelled during these fun walks......

"When you see my nose on each page in the book touch it...then sniff and see if you can figure out what I  found on my  walks with my  S.O. / Signifigant-Owner.

Each page with my nose means there is a clue either in the story or the illustration....touch the nose then smell and guess the mystery sniff.

Smells like........? Guess what the dog smells. It could be popcorn,steak,hot dog,pizza,fresh grass,...each page is a surprise.

Each book is told first person from Tank Da Terriers' perspective of the walk. Tank loves taking walks each day because each day is filled with great new sniffs. Tank is always getting into mischief because a glorious "sniff" draws Tank into trouble.

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