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Sniff Publishing part of the NXTGen Group creates books that smell. Specialty books like none you have ever seen or smelled!. We make "smelly books"  books!  Educational books, gift books,  dog books, sniff mystery books and  sniff cookbooks ... Got the idea?

Research studies indicate, 75 per cent of all emotions are related to what we smell. According to researchers, the sense of smell helps us respond to those we meet, can influence our mood, how long we stay in a room, who we talk to and who we want to see again." The Sense of Smell Institute has been studying olfactory physiology since 1981. They even have Nobel Prize winners working on it!.. I bet you didn't know there was such a thing as the Sense of Smell Institute.

Our books smell.... GREAT!

Why are Sniff books different? Because you smell your way through the story as it develops. We don't mean simple one word - one smell books. No we mean stories with smell as an integral part of the meaning and purpose of the book.

Sniff marketing and communications range from books, point of purchase, in print and brand communications all with multi-sensory appeal.  Our specialty is short run soft cover "smelly" books.

Innovative publishing solutions

Sniff Publishing specializes in creating, design, writing, printing, publishing, printing and marketing of unique scratch and sniff  gift books, educational books and entertainment products both print and digital formats.

Scents can be used to developed children's books, textbooks, magazines, promotional brand building, user guides, organize an event or product launch just for starters. 

NXTGen publishes interactive eBooks as companion books to traditional print books.
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Sniffn Around the Park
SniffN Around the Lake
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Sniffn Around the White House with Bo
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A Scent-Sational day in the life of a Dog's Nose
Book Distributor / Book Store / Sales Rep - ONLY
Where in the World AM I ?

A  Series of Scratch and Sniff Mystery

NEW multi-sensory learning books

Sniff Around The Farm
Sniff Around the Zoo
Sniff Around the Baseball  Park
Sniff Around the White House with BO
Touch my nose on each page.
Can you guess what I smelled during each walk?
You might be never can tell
"Simply magnifi-scent"
DNN/Dog Daily News sister station to CNN-TV
"You made my nose twitch... I can't wait for your next book....
Solomon.. Oprah Winfrey's dog!
Scent-Sational Smelly Adventures™ is a trademark of  Scratch and Sniff Publishing
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Sniff Travel books.

Where in The World Am I?
SniffN Around Central Park
SniffN Around Chicago;
SniffN Around Boston;
SniffN Around San Francisco;
SniffN Around The Zoo;
SniffN Around the Ballpark

The Red Bag

how one child helped end bullying
Scent Facts

Why Smelling and Reading are important to the learning to read process

A few of the 1400 scents
Sniff Around the Lake

by Tank da Terrier
A Scratch and Sniff Story!
Dogs have 6,000,000 smell recpetors!
Smelly Books are fun!

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Smelly  Books improve reading, comprehension, vocabulary and retention for young readers! Smelly Books are FUN!
Humans have four genes for vision, and one thousand allocated to smell, with the ability to differentiate more than ten thousand combination of smells.
Scratch and Sniff is a Multi-Sensory Reading Experience
Create your scratch and sniff book with the leader in Scratch and Sniff Innovation. We provide concept - idea and story line development, illustration, scent placement, printing and distribution.specialty.!