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"Tank Da Terrier" tells her story and adventures about "scent-Sational" fun walks with her Significant Owner. Tank calls her owner as S.O. it's easier to say.  Their daily walks are filled with mischief and surprises.

Tank and S.O.encounters all sorts of great smells on each walk... popcorn,peanuts,coffee,steak, barbeque, fresh cut grass, perfume, flowers, fruit, pizza, hot-dogs, ice cream, rain, fish, sea breeze, leather and many other surprises.

Tank has a secret admirer... a poodle she met at the dog shelter.

Each page has a beautiful Dan Larsson illustration. Read the story then touch Tanks nose on each page then smell your finger to see if you can solve the mystery sniff!

Read to your dog....If you love dogs, you will enjoy each of these very unique dog gift books. Touch the scratch and sniff picture of Tank's nose then smell your finger and guess Tanks favorite fragrance.

Tank read pee-mail messages left by friends.
Some "sniff" clues in the story are obvious others are not.

Each book is filled with smells from the park, the block, the yard or the Lake.

Author: "Tank Da Terrier" &
J. M. Van Dervere
Illustrated by: Dan G. Larsson
Size: 7"x 9"/ 32 pages

Scratch & Sniff with Tank Da Terrier
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