The Dog goes where the nose goes!
A Scratch and Sniff Dog Mystery

Can you guess what "Tank Da Terrier" smelled on her mystery walks?

A scratch and sniff clue is on each page in this dog gift book. You must solve the "mystery fragrances" from each fun-filled walk with the author.. Tank Da Terrier
. You did not know there were so many great smell at the park.
"I chase my tail and I love to play ball....
But nothing beats sniffn... Nothing at all!

"I sniff by a log as we walk by the lake....
It smells like peanut butter.. or T-bone steak!
Sniff Around THe Park
Sniff Around the Lake
Sniff Around the Park
Sniff Around the Block
Sniff Around the Yard
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Touch the Nose and smell what Tank Da Terrier found on the mystery walk around the lake