Read to your dog.... Read to your self!
Your dog can smell the story
Tank Da Terrier is some sort of  Staffordshire Terrier who was rescued from a dog shelter. Tank was born in Venice Beach Ca. now lives in Minnesota during the summer and Arizona in the winter. She is single, no children, but has a friend Billy the Poodle.

She has a hectic personal appearance schedule but when relaxing the author spends much time sleeping, biting her leash, sniffing, playing, hiding bones, chasing balls, licking, rating, checking pee-mail and writing."
Tank Da Terrier" wrote The Sniff Series for you and your dog to read and to sniff. . She has another new book

Sniff Books may personalized with your dogs name

Price: $19.95 add $5 to  have a copy with your dogs name as part of the story..

Tank Da Terrier
World famous author

101 Amazing Dog Fun Facts
Feats, Sniffs and Fun Trivia about Dogs
$24.95 , 101 pages , 7x9, Softcover

Tank shares many fun facts and trivia about dogs. Tanks book is filled with interesting information!

Where did the term..."raining cats and dogs" begin ?
How many dogs are named in human wills each year?
What is a dogs favorite smell?
Why do dogs Skootch?
What is the biggest/smallest dog?
What is the only dog to have a black tongue?
Where do dogs sweat?
What were the Canary Islands named after?
Meet Tank Da Terrier.. World famous author!
101 Amazing Facts About Dogs
written by a dog for a dog..but  humans can read it also!