"I chase my tail and I love to play ball....
But nothing beats sniffn... NOTHING at all...

I sniff by a log close to the lake....
It smells like peanut butter or a T-bone steak

Someone close by is outside picknicking..."
Oscar Meyer's in the air and BBQ chicken....

Sniff Publishing Inc

Scent-Sational™ Dog Books
When you see my nose touch it.... then sniff and see if you can guess what part of story that I smelled during my fun walks

Each page with my nose means there is a clue either in the story or the illustration....touch the nose then smell and guess the mystery sniff

pages: 22 story and illustrations
size: 7x9
Price: $19.95
Sniff Around the Lake
Sniff Around the Park
Sniff Around the Yard

Sniff with Tank DaTerrier ..... Around the Park
A Touch N Smell book about ... a scent-sational™ day in the life of a dogs nose 
Can you smell all the things Tank Da Terrier smelled at The Lake? Just touch and smell the nose