The Dog goes where the nose goes!
A Scratch and Sniff Dog Mystery

Can you guess what "Tank Da Terrier" smelled on her mystery walks?

There is a scratch and sniff clue on each page in this dog gift book. You must solve the "mystery fragrances" Tank Da Terrier encountered on each fun-filled walk
Sniff Publishing Inc
Scent-Sational Dog Books
When you see my nose touch it.... then sniff and see if you can guess what part of story that I smelled during my fun walks

Each page with my nose means there is a clue either in the story or the illustration....touch the nose then smell and guess the mystery sniff

pages: 32 pages
size: 7x9
Price: $19.95
Sniff Around the Lake
Sniff Around the Park
Sniff Around the Yard

Sniff Around the Yard
ATouch N Smell book about ... a scent-sational day in the life of a dogs nose. Can you guess all the things Tank Da Terrier smells in the yard. The nose twitches the minute Tank Da Terrier sets foot in the yard. Meet the neighbor cat!