The Dog goes where the nose goes!
A Scratch and Sniff Dog Mystery

Can you guess what "Tank Da Terrier" smelled on her mystery walks?

There is a scratch and sniff clue on each page in this dog gift book. You must solve the "mystery fragrances" Tank Da Terrier encountered on each fun-filled walk
"I chase my tail and I love to play ball....
But nothing beats sniffn... Nothing at all!

"I sniff by a log as we walk by the lake....
It smells like peanut butter.. or T-bone steak!
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Sniff Dog Book Series
"Scent-Sational Scratch and Sniff Illustrated Books
Sniff Around the Lake
Sniff Around the Park
Sniff Around the Block
Sniff Around the Yard

Sniff Dog Books are for everyone!

Join Tank DaTerrier and his S.O. / Sniffigant Owner on a walking mystery. Tank finds new whiffs ever time they go for an adventurous walk. A touch and sniff nose appears on the page. You must guess what Tank smelled. The clues are in the story and illustration and may not always be obvious. Read to the to your aloud to a group